E.J. York, Inc. (EJY) offers a full range of pre-construction services including preliminary budgeting, planning, design and engineering coordination, value engineering, and long lead item procurement. Many clients recognize the value of having their contractor on board as early as possible to have access to critical information which leads to more effective decision making which in turn guarantees a successful end result. A brief listing of our Pre-Construction Services includes:


Set forth below is a bit more detail on
our Pre-Construction Services:


  • Constructability Review 
  • Site Logistics Planning
  • Conceptual Budgeting
  • Budgeting/Estimating
  • Scheduling 
  • Value Engineering Analysis
  • Identify Long Lead Items
  • Obtain early subcontractor input
  • Bid Package Preparation
  • Bid Process
  • Assist in the Permitting Process
  • Analyze Subcontractor Bid Results
  • Prepare a final budget for Contract
  • Occupancy
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Based on the scope of the project, our project management staff will prepare a logistics and sequencing plan that will become a vital part of the overall schedule. Proper upfront planning based on site-specific requirements will translate into cost and time efficiencies for the entire project.

We will prepare preliminary budget estimates in order to meet the Owner’s approved budget. Should EJY’s estimate(s) indicate a higher probable cost than the Approved Project Budget, then the Owner and Architect/Engineer, will modify the scope of the Project to meet the Approved Project Budget or increase the Approved Project Budget. Throughout the design development and construction document phases, periodic cost estimates are provided to assist the client and the design team with understanding the cost of a project as it evolves. Our estimators will provide cost savings and value engineering options that will not compromise functionality or services.

Our Team will assist Owner in obtaining all legally required permits, licenses, certificates and sign offs. We will assemble these documents and all project submittals and deliver them at the completion of the work.

An independent and structured review of construction documents to ensure that the work requirements are clear, the documents are coordinated, thereby reducing any negative impacts to the project. EJY will evaluate proposed materials, systems and product delivery. Highlight any areas of concern and solicit subcontractors and supplier input if need be.

We will solicit bids from all the trade work for the project. Our process is focused on getting complete bids at competitive prices. EJY will develop comprehensive bid packages for each trade, hold prequalification subcontractor interviews, check on references and visit sites if need be. We will perform a detailed analysis to develop a baseline for comparison and award subcontracts to selected firms.

EJY will identify long-lead delivery materials and equipment, pre-qualify equipment and material vendors and solicit proposals and issue purchase orders where schedule dictates. We will also coordinate equipment package submittals and verify and expedite the submittal process, fabrication and delivery.

E.J. York Inc. will receive and review for compliance with the Contract Documents; all shop drawings, materials and other items submitted by the subcontractors. Requests for approval from subcontractors, delivery schedules, shop drawings, samples, etc., will be commented upon and submitted to the architect for concurring approval. Approvals of technical adequacy of shop drawings and samples will remain the duty of the architect. EJ York will oversee the submission of all shop drawings, composite shop and coordination drawings, brochures and material samples, and instruct the subcontractors that submission shall comply with project requirements.

We will schedule the entire project, start to finish. By identifying key milestones, we will be able to drive towards project completion in an organized and predetermined manner. EJY will define all design and construction activities including approval milestones and prepare preliminary and final CPM schedules.

EJY will review the scope and cost to make sure that the approved project budget is not exceeded, refine the budget estimate, and review in detail the cost estimate with the Owner. Develop the GMP project cost and provide cash flow management if required.