E.J. York, Inc. provides general contracting and construction management services for projects that have been procured in the traditional competitive bid process. We employ an outstanding team of project executives, project managers and field supervisors who are in constant communication between the home office and the project owner to keep jobs on time, within budget and in accordance with the owner’s requirements. In addition, we perform a preconstruction analysis that includes constructability reviews, phasing plans, scheduling, budgeting and estimating at the planning stage to deliver quality projects with minimal change orders


The following outline is a brief summary of the methodology E.J. York follows to execute projects.


  • Award of Subcontracts
  • Coordination of Trades
  • Development of a site specific work plan
  • Reporting and Cost Control
  • Project Management/Site Supervision
  • Project Closeout
  • Project Meetings
  • Final Inspections and Occupancy
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During the preconstruction and construction phase of the project, we will provide all management and related services as necessary to adequately supervise, monitor and coordinate the work of all subcontractors. Our Project Team consisting of a full time Site Superintendent, full time Office Project Manager and Project Executive will manage all project related activities, site work rules and establish and monitor safety, security and all activities that are critical to and necessary to achieve a successful construction project.

The E.J. York Team will assign a full time superintendent at the jobsite for the coordination, initiation and completion of the work. Our Team will establish lines of authority in order to execute the project on a coordinated and efficient basis and will prepare a chart graphically indicating those lines of authority. We will establish, implement and maintain procedures to assure coordination among the architect, consultants, subcontractors, and all local municipal authorities, governmental agencies, utility companies, etc., who may be involved in the project. Our Team will prepare and develop an on-site record keeping system, which will be sufficient in detail to satisfy an audit by the owner. Such records shall include, but will not be limited to, daily logs, progress schedules, manpower breakdowns (daily by trade), financial reports, shop drawing logs, change order logs, etc. Our Team will hold weekly job meetings with the owner’s representatives, subcontractors, architects and other necessary parties to discuss procedures, progress, problems, scheduling, and open items. Our Team will constantly review the adequacy of each Subcontractor's supervision, personnel, equipment and the availability of necessary materials and supplies. When inadequate, we will direct the necessary action to be taken by the Subcontractor involved.

Our Team will coordinate all work until final completion and acceptance of the project by Owner, including a comprehensive final inspection to ensure that the materials furnished and work performance are in accordance with the Contract Documents. E.J. York Inc. will develop and enforce a quality control system in order to ensure that the highest required standards of construction are met. Our Team will develop a checking and testing procedure to ensure that all systems are adequately tested and balanced prior to their acceptance. Our Team will coordinate all testing provided by others, as required by the technical sections of the specifications, and as required by the building code. Our Team will keep an accurate record of all tests, inspections conducted and test reports. Our Team will coordinate the services of professional engineers, engineer-of- record and the architect, as required by the building codes, for work, if any, that would be performed for the Owner directly.

E.J. York Inc. will make available its Health & Safety Plan to all subcontractors and will submit to Owner its Safety Program, (upon request). This Plan complies with the requirements of Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA). During construction, our Project Superintendent will monitor compliance by each subcontractor of the safety requirements in the EJ York Health & Safety Plan and correct any deficiencies.

E.J. York Inc. will establish and implement procedures for controlling and processing change orders that will satisfy the owner’s requirements. Our Team will maintain adequate cost accounting records with respect to portions of work, if any, performed on a time-and-material, unit cost or similar basis which requires the keeping of records and computations.

The schedule will be used as a tool to discuss deliveries and installation sequences. Any problems or issues will be addressed accordingly and the schedule will be adjusted to reflect the changes, if necessary. We will update the schedule and review it against the baseline schedule to identify potential conflicts or impacts due to the latest adjustments. The schedule will then be discussed with the Owner and Subcontractors reviewing possible solutions to minimize the impacts and take proactive steps necessary to ensure that the project will be delivered on time and within budget. E.J. York’s approach is to be proactive in scheduling. Achieving predictable project outcomes is a process that depends on current and accurate information, communication, and teamwork. Our project schedule will include: • Critical milestone dates • Design documents delivery dates • MEP alternatives and installation options • Long-lead procurement items • Multiple tasks coordination item • Owner vendor coordination • Clearly defined critical path

At the proper time, our Team will coordinate with the Architect, the preparation of a punch list indicating the items of work remaining to be accomplished and will ensure that these items are completed in an expeditious manner. Our Team will prepare and assemble all guarantees, warranties, etc., as required by the contract documents, and will forward them to Architect/ Owner, certifying that they are complete and cover all work as required. Our Team will coordinate and expedite the preparation by the Subcontractors of operating manuals and other closeout documentation. Our Team will obtain the Architect’s approval to ensure that they are sufficiently comprehensive and will forward them to appropriate Owner’s personnel. E.J. York Inc. will work closely with all project personnel relative to the start-up of installed equipment and training. This not only includes maintenance personnel, but also personnel who need to have a working understanding of the building to do their job properly.